Friday, November 20, 2009

~ ~Sisika under a Native Moon ~ ~

 My great grandmother was full Cherokee Indian, so I thought I'd try to paint a native women.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Just complete this morning.

   HAPPY FRIDAY everyone :) We've made it thrue another week.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

~I shared these on my selling blog but I meant to put them on this blog, I'll try again :(  like I explained in THE OTHER blog, I stayed up way to late working on art so I'm a ding bat today with tiredness.

~This is the Hume mansion (Lumber barron) here in my home town. The families have donated some of the original items back to the house, I think that's wonderful BUT I would never part with my family antiques. I have a trove of them that no one is going to take cept my children one day, I would surely cry! NUF' about me, right? lol
~I love the old furniture and quilts. Thought you prim lovers would enjoy these.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good Morning, look who played Peek~A~Boo with me this morning. They are so darn cute!

The only problem is when I go outside to visit Coda and Toffee my dogs and kitties get so jelouse. They ALWAYS know where I have been. lol

he looks sweet and innocent but he was barking (yelling) at me when I came in and my cat would hardly look at me. SPOILED come to mind perhaps?

Anyways...I came up with an idea last night. Remeber the cute silicone bulbs? well why not make them into night lights? I did and I will be working on more to sell in the next week. There real cute.

AND last, I met up with one of my friends yesturday and went to basket making class, what a treat! Here's my newest and a basket my girlfriend made me last July but I hadn't see her for so long, but I got it now. Thanks Brenda, LOVE IT!

NOW, I need to get to laundry. Ughhh!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Monday, and new painting...

WE had a great weekend, Jimmy and I took my daughter Darcy to see Bruce Springsteen in Detroit Michigan last Friday. Darcy had a choice of what she wanted for her sweet sixteen and this concert was what she chose. It cracks me up that she loves BRUCE of all singers not to mention he was big when I was a little girl. For a guy that is older than my own father he sure puts on a great show!
 Just finnished is this mixed media painting. I will be adding her to Etsy this week sometime. She has a ton of detail but is hard to see by the photo. I have to work on my photo skills. :( Anyways, hope everyone had a great weekend too!