Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Starting new projects around the house to I guess Re-claim it after the boyfriends move out! It sure is sad sometimes but making the most of it.
I'm sharing a photo I just took of another antique that my dad and I picked up last spring an just getting it into my kitchen and I rather love it! I wish I had some sort of lights within it! Any ideas?
I'm also trying to figure out the new furniture I want! I love the furniture in Irvin's catalog but pretty pricey for a single mom like me. Also like some of the Sturbridge Yankee pieces too. How do you decide? I guess I will have to check out photo bucket and all of your blogs go ideas and inspiration! I REALLY love "theprimitivesticher" photo bucket house tour pics! OMGosh there beautiful! If you haven't seen them do a quick search! You will drool!
Well, off to bed.... I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week!