Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Moon looked so cool last night I had to take a picture of it :)

Jimmy is home now so all is well with the world now (as I see it) Bear went home with him this morning. :(

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moose and I miss Jimmy!!! He is only hours away now.

"Leave New York and come snuggle us Daddy/Jimmy"

Jimmy and I rode bikes to this Rosy Mound Natural Area, how beautiful! You can hike the trails and paths, and they take you down to Lake Michigan. We figured we went about 10 miles that day :O) I need more days like this.

Cassidy had her Field Trip to the Capital building and Impressions 5 in Lansing and of course I being so lucky got to go along. (my third time on this trip due to my other two children doing the same) lol We had a good day but were VERY tired!

The month of May has been very busey! My youngest had a Birthday. Cassidy is a old 10~years of age. boo hoo hoo

Here she is with her new bike.

Happy Birthday Cassarole!!!

I love you!