Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pretty coool thing happend! A couple of years ago, my dad had went to an Estate sale with my great Aunt and Uncle. He found this big buffet type piece of furniture and thought maybe I would like it. He pulled into my driveway saying "I picked something up for you but you may not like it" As soon as I had seen It I knew I loved it! We brought the huge massive thing into the house and I have kept it in several rooms in my house sence. ( I have a problem with changing things around all of the time)

About a year after I got the thing, I opend a drawer to start re-painting it and an old news paper was down under the drawer, It was dated exactly 100 years prior. NOW, just a couple of months ago.... shoved up under some strange place I found an envolope addressed to a relative of mine that my father knows of but I have never met. Very Odd!

All this let to me finding out that this piece of furniture was onec owned by my great grandmothers parents. And was also in the Farm house my grandmother grew up in.HOW COOL is THAT? It found it's way back to someone in our family and best of all ME.
Some things are just meant to be I guess!

I LOVE IT even more now! :O)

(please dont mind the missing trim under the buffet, I havent put it back up sence the tile was laid)

Also I wanted to throw out there, Does anyone make these old Yo Yo quilts anymore? I'm working on one little by little and would like to see others.