Sunday, September 30, 2012

Busy with FUN stuff!

I have been busy doing so many little projects that I had put off. Since the fibromyalgia diagnosis and trying different Meds I finally have some that work for me so I can move around more freely. So....
This is the start of a new project. I picked this old chair up at a parking lot antique sale. I had bought a dresser and a cute cabinet that I will show another time :) the ladie was so happy she sold me the chair for like $3.00. And I have a really bad obsession with old chairs. I have a collection :)
Last night I started to remove layers of fabrics and found under all that, that there is horse hair that was used for the padding. Must be older than I thought. So here's some pics but its not done yet! I wish I knew how old it actually is.