Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pretty flowers in the rain at night :)
If your in Michigan visiting or live here and have not checked out the old Hackley and Hume mansions you really need to go, awesome! I will include more photos at a later time.

Halloween Goods for 2009

 I want more time to craft than I have but this is the latest goodies I've created.

While in New York a couple weeks ago, Jimmy and I decided to go for a walk. His parents house in Long Island is about 3~miles from the Amityville house. I'm sure you know the storie and have seen one of many of the movies and documentaries.Its weird to see the house in person, I kinda felt weird about taking pics of someones home but I'm SURE they get it a LOT! Of course they changed the address and some of the old windows have been replaced. We didnt cause a scene just took advantage of the photo opp. and kept moving. What a beautiful house. Tts just to bad so many terrible things happend within the walls to that Originals family.  AND.... NO, I dont believe the stories of hauntings and possesion. thats just plain STUPID/CRAZY!

All nestled into a community of nice houses and perfect lawns.