Sunday, December 21, 2008

Insane amounts of snow here in Michigan! I never get stuck but I think I manage to do it tonight. I started to shovel out my car and thought??? WHY... I heve everything I need at home, I just have cabin fever like my bf said.
I hope everyone is doing great for this Holiday season. I have had better but my dad keeps reminding me of the year hat my grandpa and grandma had 7 children and only had $1.00 to spend on each. he says that out of all of his christmas's he rememebers that one the most. My granmother has past (15 years ago) must have felt horrible! I know how how sweet and loving she was and it must have killed her to feel like she could not provide like she wanted! if grandma can do it then I guess I can pull up "my big girl pants and do the same" There will be more christmas's days and seasons to do what I really want for my children, parents, friends, and parents...right!

My internet keeps goin in and out but will share photos later! "Happy SNOW Days everyone" and while your sweet children are home from school for Christmas break keep in mind...( those those kids get on your nerves ) how much you miss them when you drop them off to school! he he