Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Big changes

Wow! Big changes are coming. Or should I say a lot has changed. We are moving from our home of almost 14 years. I'm sad and relieved at the same time. I will miss our little cottage type of a house by Lake Michigan but it's mostly because of all wonderful memories of my children growing up here. All the crazy mornings of rushing around to find matching pairs of socks, cooking peek a boo toast for breakfast and trying to get all the kids to their own schools on time. All of the Bon-fires in our back yard, going to the beach which we realize now we should have done a whole lot more. Kids running and playing with their friends in the neighborhood. 😊 
 The great part is, I get to decorate a new house now! That's fun! 
 I bought a few years ago an old cabinet from a parking lot antique sale. It has been painted, burgundy, navy blue and black. None of those colors are my thing anymore so in the spirit of moving I'm trying to repurpose my oldies into fresh goodies. If that makes sense? So here's the new look. 
 I painted it with my sage colored paint, added a layer of chipping paint then covered it in cattail by Caromal colors and sanded and stained it. I like it much better and will keep it now. Yeah! 
 Off to more packing and new makeovers. Also have to Un-pack my luggage from our trip to Vegas that we just got home from last night. Hope everyone is doing great!   
 Btw, I recommend the Elton John show "Million Dollar Piano" in Vegas if you have not seen it yet. Very good! (Never pictured myself going to a Elton show but glad we did)